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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Red Rag - Lib Dems hit new low, beaten by Elvis in council bye-election

                                 Elvis Presley - Winning Here!

Red Rag - Just when you thought the Lib Dems electoral fortunes could not get any lower, yesterday they were beaten into fifth place at the Clifton North Nottingham City Council bye-election by the Bus Pass Elvis Party, who managed sixty seven votes to the Lib Dems fifty six.

Nick Clegg.....Are you lonesome tonight? Vince Cable is reported to be all shook up.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Red Rag - Money is no object

Red Rag - How do you know if you are a real scrounger or not. For a real scrounger, money seems no object,  for the rest of us, money is an object

Money is no object from the coalition government if :

You live in a Tory marginal and your house has been flooded.

You work in the banking sector, lose billions on gambles in the square mile and you need bailing out.

You are a millionaire and you need a tax cut.

Money is an object from the coalition government if :

You are unemployed and looking for a job.

You do not live in a Tory marginal and your house has been flooded.

You are disabled.

You are on incapacity benefit.

You are on any sort of benefit.

You are on low pay.

You need to go to a foodbank to survive.

You struggle to pay the bills.

You have to pay the Bedroom Tax.

You work in the public sector.

You are not in the top tax rate.

Welcome to the Tory Lib Dem idea on scrounging and money is no object. The people on the first list are given priority by the Coalition government, the rest, well they can go and swing.

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Red Rag - We are all Marxists now

Red Rag - Now here is something you may thought you would never see on these pages. May I congratulate Gideon on his Pay Day Loan Cap announced today. There I have said it. As ever, the devil will be in the detail, and I am sure Gideon wont be too harsh on the people who are funding his party.

Only a few months ago someone called Gideon stated that Labours interference in the private energy market was a form of Marxism. Since then his party has decided that this is also the way forward for them.And as with their about face on the energy market, which was rushed out in a response to a popular Labour policy, the same has happened today. No papers were pre-briefed, and even their own MP's were as surprised as everyone else when it was announced. However, how this will go down with the people who are pumping hundreds of thousands into his party and own Pay Day Loan firms is unknown.

It has not gone down well with the Tory party faithful on Con Home, they are not happy.

 "For a start, its launch does not have the hallmarks of a long-planned policy. Announcing something on the morning airwaves but not pre-briefing the newspapers suggest a rather short notice decision."

"The Financial Conduct Authority says it was given no prior warning, which adds weight to the impression this is a bit of a snap call.....What is the point of the much-heralded “independent regulator” system if this becomes common practice? There is now a risk that other regulators will clamp down on practices just in case the Treasury thinks they ought to, rather than on the basis of their honest assessment of the facts."

"That is the real risk involved in this step: the weakening of the argument against Labour’s proposal to intervene in every market imaginable.Deliberately opening such a chink in our own armour, when Labour intend to make cost of living a battleground for the election, is a problem"

To paraphrase a speech given in 1985 "You end up with the grotesque chaos of a Tory chancellor....a Tory chancellor...scuttling around tv studios boasting of his and his parties new found love of state intervention in private markets".

On  the 22nd May 2012 the Tory Party voted down an attempt by Labour to cap pay day loans in Parliament.

Yet again the Tory coalition is dancing to Ed Milibands tune on policy.

We are all Marxists now.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Red Rag - Tory Party pay Messina and Crosby hundreds of thousands of pounds to make the polls move, and it is working....for Labour

Red Rag - In August the Tory Party thought it had secured the scoop of this parliament by acquiring the services of American Jim Messina to go with Australian gutter snipe Lynton Crosby and described them as the electoral dream team.

Since then their man line of attack against the Labour Party has been Falkirk and Flowers and the Co-op bank. In fact it has been their only line of attack at the same time as Labour has been campaigning on the cost of living crisis and Ed Miliband gave the energy price freeze guarantee.

At the same time as Messina joined Crosby the Labour lead was falling and, in fact, one ICM poll had the Tory Party drawing level. It had Tory supporters boasting of an imminent polling cross over and the Tory lead was only days away in the polls.

The Tory Party are paying these two strategists hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Since Augusts the Labour lead has slowly but surely increased, the Labour percentage as slowly risen as the Tory percentage has slowly started to fall. In fact the things have got that bad, that they have had to ask Dan Hodges to make up a poll in his head about the marginal seats just to rally the troops.

Keep up the good work lads!

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Red Rag - The coalition lie of cuts not effecting services is exposed by......Tory Sussex Police and Crime Commisioner

Red Rag - The coalition have repeated since it's birth that the cuts to public services are not effecting front line services. "Value for money"..."Cuts in waste"...."More for less" amongst many others has been the line.

If you want a typical example take a look at the manifesto of  Katy Bourne the Tory PCC for Sussex from last year and it boasts "As a Conservative, Katie believes that the money residents earn should stay in their pocket. It then highlights in blue"THAT IS WHY SHE WILL NOT INCREASE THE POLICE SHARE OF COUNCIL TAX NEXT YEAR (which in real terms taking in consideration inflation it is actually a cut) and I will begin an urgent review to look for more effective ways of working, with the savings made available to the Chief Constable for front line policing". Then she repeats this fiscal responsibility later by saying "I will undertake this role with delivery focused and financially disciplined approach". Just in case you didn't get it she then states "As a Conservative, voters can be confident that the necessary decisions to cut bureaucracy, identify waste and reinvest the savings in front line policing".

As they say, a week in politics is a lifetime, so in twelve months.....well your memory must go.

Katy Bourne today admitted that she is considering increasing the police share of the council tax by 3.6%, which is the maximum allowed by government. So either, twelve months ago she was telling lies, she has not found the cuts in waste that she promised and any other cuts would effect front line policing, or she has realised that the coalition line of cuts not effecting services is a load of rubbish and if she did freeze the police share it would also effect front line services.

Lucky for Sussex that it has only cost them £85,000 for her to realise her party is spouting crap.

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Red Rag - Cameron dancing to Milibands tune

Red Rag - It wasn't long ago that people were saying that Miliband was on the ropes and he could be unseated as Labour leader. A week is a long time in politics, a few months is a lifetime. When Miliband attacked the gas/electricity big six the Tories tried to laugh it off. Now the cost of living crisis is at the centre of British politics.

Two days ago Miliband mentioned that the water companies above inflation rises will be next in his firing line. The following day the coalition rushed out a press release saying that there was to be "action on water bills". How do we know if it was rushed? Well it was called "action" and not what will actually be done and this "action" will be announced next week. It smacks of headless chicken. You can imagine the coalition now working over the weekend wondering what policy they can formulate off the cuff.

Who would have thought, a conservative PM interfering with a private sector to influence prices........didn't someone say that was something called Marxism a few months ago.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Red Rag - Tory bellend in a red rosette - #1

               Owen - Nail...on...head

 Red Rag - My father used to say that the only thing worse than a Tory is a Tory hiding behind a red rosette. Today we start to look at those politicians who are Tory by heart but realising that they have more chance of hearing David Cameron say something negative about the Big Six gas and electricity companies than they have of winning as a Tory in their locality, they have decided to do what every career politician would do, join the party that  has the most chance of winning, notably, the Labour Party.

No one perfectly sums this up more than Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk. The MP with a more Thatcherite outlook on life than most of the current cabinet. Thee very same MP who said that new benefit claimants should wait a month before they receive anything. Who then decided to take it on himself to do the coalition work for them on selling this policy by travelling around the tv and radio studios telling anyone that would listen to him that the coalition policy was fantastic. Which then led to a political argument with Owen Jones on the BBC where Owen hit the nail on the head with "a grotesque sight of a Labour MP, a Labour MP, scuttling around tv studios to back Tory attacks on the poorest in society".

Mr Danczuk, who in Conservative circles at Westminster is known as David Camerons favourite Labour MP, has Tory form as long as your arm. He enjoys writing for those *ahem* Labour loving papers The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. With all of his editorials either attacking one part of the Labour Party or praising Tory policy. From The Telegraph we got the headline "Labours Militant left no better than the BNP", where he goes on to say members of his own party have succeeded to "push Labour into an unelectable militant position". In the Daily Mai we got "Simply complaining about cuts to benefits is easy, simple, cosy, comfy politics". Wonder if he told the eighteen people who lost their jobs when his research firm went to the wall inn 2011 that they don't deserve any benefits for a month?Obviously he thinks people who have had their benefits cut should stay quiet , whilst at the same time those that are well off have been given a tax cut.

Speaking of well off, the same person who says people should wait for their benefits and shouldn't complain about them being cut has a nice little earner of a  second job. According to Private Eye, Mr Danczuk has been earning an extra £1000 a month for a days work. Your read that right, the person moaning about people receiving benefits earns £1000 a day on top of his MP's wage and allowance(more of that later). He has worked for Shine Bid Services, who he offers "business advice". Shine help companies win public sector there is no conflict of interest there, obviously. When the story broke Danczuk said "This is not a second job, it was a temporary arrangement that has now ended.....I was helping a friend". He said that at the beginning of July. Shine Bid Services still had Mr Danczuk on their website as a director upto three weeks ago. Wonder if he has any more friends that pay him £125 an hour.

Speaking of money Mr Danczuk has the fourth highest MP's expense claim throughout parliament at £198k for last year.Now that is what you call a benefit.

Not content with sounding and acting like a Tory, he seems to have a vendetta against his own local party. When he is not earning £125 an hour as a second job, hailing Tory policy on the tv or attacking the left of his own party, he spend the rest of the time attacking the Labour administration in his own town.

There doesn't seem to be a week go by when he is not attacking the Labour Party leadership in Rochdale over something. If it is not how much they are paying council employees, it is trying to attack them over the child rape case in Rochdale despite the fact it wasn't even a Labour run council when it happened. He attacks them over the number of times they collect the bins, this week it was it's the council Crisis Fund, the lack of using computers, the price they paid for new computers, homeless in Rochdale, a bid they made to become one of Mary Portas Pilot Towns.....the list just goes on and on.

As well as trying to undermine the Rochdale Labour administration at every turn, he has now trying to stage his own coup d'etat at the council and has over the last few years managed to get a number of his own Tory puppets in red rosettes installed as Labour councillors. Two of the most prominent are Richard Farnell (twitter @Richardfarnell1) and Liam O'Rourke(twitter @Liam_JF_ORourke).

Mr Farnell, obviously following in the footsteps of his boss Simon Danczuk has more than one job. He is supposed to be the office manager of Labour Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson, however, he has been on the sick since last Summer. This, however, hasn't stopped him attending twenty six out of twenty nine council meetings at Rochdale which will have been used to rally Simon's puppets. Those close to the council are irritated in how leaks to the local press and other parties seem to "have a hint of the Farnell" about them. Mr Farnell who was once the Principle News Officer for the Liverpool council when under Lib Dem control must keep forgetting which party he is supposed to belong to when he keeps feeding the info on other councillors.He also recently failed to get another blogger arrested for assault who is now reporting him to the Standards Board Committee. Wonder what Joe thinks of the antics of his absent office manager?

Second in command for Simons Tory puppet army is none other than Rochdales answer to Jake Morrison, Mr Liam O'Rourke. A man who's ego seems to be bigger than his ward majority. Councillor O'Rourke is a councillor for a small town on the edge of Rochdale and sprung to national fame for being elected at the age of 19. However to most of his ward he is now known as Liam Who due to the fact he is hardly ever seen in or around the town. In fact the most prominent thing Mr O'Rourke has done since elected is to lead a successful negative campaign against one of his fellow Labour members, and local charity fundraiser, to ensure that another one of Mr Danczuks other puppets, and close friend Daniel Meredith, is made the Labour candidate for his ward at next years council elections. This resulted in a number of letters and e-mails being sent to the local paper, which were only kept off it's pages at the request of the Labour member who didn't want his name and that of the party dragged further through the mud.Not content with attacking a fellow member, he has also attacked his entire CLP on the website of Young Labour (See Here ). He attacks senior councillors and takes the piss out of the rest of the people who attend it and how his own CLP is run. It is also worth noting in the picture supplied for the article attacking his own CLP .......who Mr O'Rourke is directly sat next to......coincidence, surely.

You may be wondering what is on offer for people like Farnell and O'Rourke for causing this much trouble for the local Labour Party. Well, the offer of cabinet posts for those two if they help bring down the current Labour administration in Rochdale and an offer of a SPAD's job for young O'Rourke when he gets bored with Rochdale.

It is also worth pointing out that despite being attacked from Mr Danczuk and his puppets from within and the fact they have received the biggest cuts in the councils history the current Labour administration has done a decent job. There have been no libraries closed down, no Sure Starts shut and the effect to front line services have been at a minimum. That's all too militant left wing for Danczuk, Farnell and O'Rourke.

Now, out of the regular 200,000 readers of this site, there must be a few people who are from the Rochdale area. There is only one way to rid the party of people with blue hearts and red rosettes. That is to cut them off at their political knees. There is only one way to do this is to cut off their puppet army.

One word for people like Farnell and O'

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Red Rag - FAO of the Orange Tories

Red Rag - Apparently, according the The Independent, the Lib Dems "Demand a deal with Labour". Demand do they, the cheeky bunch of yellow spined gobshites. Go fuck yourselves, you have stuck with the Tory Party this long, don't start sniffing around other parties now you realise you are going to be annihilated in two years time. What's left of that putrid excuse of a party should be tread in to the dirt and consigned to the annals of history, where you consigned most of your policies, beliefs and morals three years go.


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Friday, 6 September 2013

Red Rag - So how bad is it for Lib Dems - Well they won't even stand at elections as Lib Dems now

Red Rag - Just when you think it could not get any worse for the Lib Dems...try being one. Yesterday there was a local by-election in Torrington in Devon. The seat was actually being defended by the Lib Dems. If you check the Lib Dem website, the head of Torrington Lib Dems and first contact is Adrian Freeland. Last night a certain Mr Adrian Freeland stood as an Independent. So in other words The Lib Dem name is so tainted that the leader of the branch thought he had a better chance standing as an independent than he would as a Lib Dem. There was no Lib Dem candidate standing to defend the seat yesterday. It didn't help Mr Freeland though, the voters saw through it, he finished fourth of  five.

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Red Rag - Good bye and good riddence

                                            Ed looks devastated

Red Rag - Apparently Dan Hodges has left the Labour Party. Now he is a Thatcherite cuckoo in the Cameroon nest.

The door is that way......fuck off and don't come back....oh and close the door behind you.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Red Rag - Learning the bloody message from past mistakes

Red Rag - It would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious that Nick "we would never enter an illegal war" Clegg is banging the hawkite drum for military intervention in Syria before anyone can discus the evidence. This is the person who tried to make of the most political gain from not backing the war in Iraq from their stance against intervention. Now in government, with the big pay and big car, like virtually everything else he has "said" he believed in, is tossed away and he is sat with Cameron and Hague, looking desperate for a fight.

Those who think Ed Miliband had any other choice after Labours biggest ever mistake over Iraq, must be an idiot to think he would just kowtow to the coalition. After everything that has happened in the past, and all the attacks by Conservatives and Lib Dems over the reasons for going to war in Iraq, we have the weird situation where both are now saying we do not even need the information of the UN inspectors to be produced before we decide to vote on whether we go to war. They don't even want a dossier.....let's just get stuck in.

Even more amazing is Lib Dem bloggers and supporters backing their leader up, the very same who have been attacking Labour with regards Iraq with such venom. Maybe to them it is more upsetting to have a leader make a decision wrong when it comes to student fees than it is when deciding whether to send our country into war before actually seeing evidence of why we should.

It seems one leader has learned from the mistakes of the past, one leader hasn't and the other just adds it to a list of ideas he once had but now does the complete opposite.

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Red Rag - Lynton, Grant and Messina just cannot break the Labour voting percentage

      Ed - How may times had Dan Hodges said you were crap today?                    

Red Rag - There doesn't seem a month go past where we find the Tories have hired yet another so called politics guru to win them the next election. For a party that had 250,000 members in 2005 and now have 90,000 they seem to to think gurus and not foot soldiers win elections.

Tonight the Com Res poll for the Indy shows Labour at 37%. The fact that their lead over the Tories is actually up one doesn't really matter. The main thing is Labour is yet again in the bracket of 36% or above. The Conservative percentage goes up and down depending on whether, as Cameron calls them, "the swivel eyed voters" decide if that week they don't like his party or not. One after the other the polling gurus have arrived at Tory HQ and week after week they haven't managed to move Labour out of the bracket.

We have heard all the excuses, mid-term blues, the economy, swing-back, consumer confidence etc etc etc. But it just doesn't move. This month has been the worse for Miliband since becoming leader and the Labour percentage just doesn't budge from that bracket. Some might say the figures change between pollsters. They do not. In every single poll by every single pollster since 25th August 2010 Labour has only moved south of the bracket nine times.

The Conservatives have been going on and on cheered on by arch-Thatcherite Dan Hodge in the Mail/Telegraph on the Ed is crap line. I hate to point it out, but, it may effect the leadership ratings, but leadership rating don't win elections(Thatcher was behind Callaghan before the 1979 election and was still behind him four months after it), who people vote for does win elections and the Labour vote is not moving.

One of the main benefactors for Labour is the fact that the Lib Dems who crossed over to Labour in 2010 after the coalition was formed are now limpet like with Labour. Whether these are ex-Labour voters who left after Iraq but have come back, whether it is people who bought into Nick Cleggs "new politics" but now would never admit they uttered the words "I agree with Nick" or are just Lib Dems who voters who are that pissed of with the coalition they would vote for a frog in a hat as long as it got rid of the coalition, who knows, but whatever the coalition parties say, and I mean both of them, they look like they are sticking with Labour no matter what.

It may not be a resounding endorsement for Ed Miliband, but he doesn't need endorsements, he needs voters, and the most important set of voters at the moment are saying the are going to vote Labour.......and they have now said that for three years.

If the Tories cannot break the Labour bracket, then they won't stop Ed Miliband getting to number ten, whether they think he is crap or not.

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Red Rag - When is someone without work, not unemployed.....when they are on zero-hours

   Zero-Hours - The invisible men and women of the UK workforce

Red Rag - One of the big boasts of the coalition is that even though the economy has flatlined the unemployment figure didn't take off. Strange how we were told month after month that people were being laid off but the unemployment figures didn't rise spectacularly. Recently there has been an argument about zero-hours contracts, one one side some people say that it is taking the piss as people are being dragged in on an hours notice and dropped in an hours notice and more or less have no weokers rights. On the business side they say the zero-hours contracts flexibility has kept the unemployment figure down. On this you may be surprised I agree, but not for the reason the business section are putting it across.

Read the following from how the ONS counts people on zero hours contracts:

"People who are on zero-hours contracts count as employed. If they worked at least an hour in the survey reference period they would be counted in the employment numbers as usual. If a survey respondent did not in fact work in the reference period, the first question asked is whether they are 'temporarily away from a job' (they could be sick or on leave,not enough work for them, employee decides they are not needed, etc..). Those on a zero-hours contract should reply to say they have a job to return to. In this instance they would be in employment but listed as having worked no hours."

So in other words, if a person is on a zero hours contract and hasn't actually worked for one week, two weeks or even a month or six months, whilst they are wating for their employer to ring them with their one hours notice, they are still classed as being in employment even though they haven't worked or been paid.If they want to come off the zero-hours contract they will lose benefits and whilst on the zero-hours contract they cannot work for anyone else.

As the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development announced this week there are about 1 million pople in the UK on zero-hours contracts.

The reason for the subdued figure for unemployment now becomes more transparent.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Red Rag - Moving the goalpost on GDP

Red Rag - For nearly three years the following have been the reason for the UK figures for the GDP (these are all real excuses used by either Osborne or a member of the treasury):

A Royal Wedding

Bank Holidays

The snow

The previous Labour government

Civil Servants

The Japanese tsunami

The Eurozone

The unions

The rain

The Olympics

The US economy

The price of oil

North Sea maintenance programme

A mild Autumn

The bond market

Transportation prices

World food prices

Talking down the economy

The banks

Economic headwinds/icebergs

Consumer confidence

A cold Winter

The price of the pound

The floods

Business confidence

Employment tribunals

Energy prices

....... and was at no time was it George Osbornes mishandling of the economy

Now we look like having a second period of GDP growth it has nothing to do with:

Other countries economy having an upturn

The good weather

Business confidence

Rising world markets

Feelgood factor due to sporting wins

Consumer confidence

Better news from Europe

The falling pound

An improving US economy

..... and is all to do with Osbornes fantastic handling of the economy.

Any one else see complete two faced reactions to both by the coalition?

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Red Rag - A view of what privatisation can do to healthcare and your NHS

Red Rag - The coalition, Tories of the blue and orange variety, repeatedly say that the NHS is not being privatised and healthcare is still free at the point of use. Someone tell that to the people of Tory run Barnet council. Tory Barnet as part of it's cuts outsourced £600 million of services to tender. The Barnet Group was set up and would be the parent company of Your Choice which was to provide learning disability and physical and sensory impairment disability services. In fact Barnet Tories were so confident in their new privatised services that they proudly predicted Your Choice would be turning a profit within four years.That was a year ago, things have not gone to plan, and they are now looking at being £1 million over budget in the first year. Your Choice has a sister company in The Barnet Group which runs the 15,000 council houses for the Tory council, which is now having to loan Your Choice the £1 million.

Your Choice has now decided that instead of being the fantastic profit making service that was promised by Tory Barnet, it needs to restructure.......(or cut services and sack staff to you and me). This has lead to uproar amongst services users (families who use the service with family members with leaning disabilities or physical and sensory impairments to you and me) and fear has reigned amongst the service users. None of the service users have been allowed to see what restructuring they are making due to it being a staffing restructure not a service restructure, though how one can be defined from another is ridiculous. If you cut staff, service will be effected.

The Your Choice board held a meeting in council offices on 30/05/13 where some of the families of the service users ( what a fucking name to call people with disabilities by the way, they are people for god sake) wanted to ask them questions about the restructure and the effect on the services. If you watch the video below you will actually see some of their service users there.

 And this is the point I am making about outsourcing healthcare. The chairman of Your Choice will say what every other private vulture in the NHS will say when asked to face the people they are using to coin it from the local authorities "This is a board meeting of a private company. It is not a local authority meeting and the right to be here does not extend to you. I advise the board to retire." Cue uproar amongst the families. One even asked if they could all meet again to discuss what the restructure would do, to which the obnoxious little shit replied "we will certainly take that on board and may come back to you". The entire board then walked out leaving the families and the service users very very angry.

Welcome to what will happen to the NHS when the Tories sell it to their financial backers.

They are a private company, they do not need to share anything with you......go and swing!

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Red Rag - The coalition are living up to Bevans description

Red Rag - Linda Wooton was declared "fit for work" by IDS's ATOS. Nine days later she died. Thirty years ago she had a heart and lung transplant and ever since she had suffered from blackouts. She was on ten separate medications. Despite all this ATOS declared her fit for work and the DWP stopped her £110 a week benefits. She appealed and lost with IDS department stating " “We have decided that you are not entitled to Employment and Support Allowance because you have been found to be capable of work following your recent Work Capability Assessment.”

Her husband described her last moments ""I sat there and listened to my wife drown in her own body fluids. It took half an hour for her to die – and that’s a woman who’s ‘fit for work’. The last months of her life were a misery because she worried about her benefits, feeling useless, like a scrounger."

Cecilia Burns from Northern Ireland had her benefits cut despite the fact she was still suffering from cancer. A few days after she heard the result of her appeal, she was dead.

I could go on and on, there are thousands of cases such as this.

Must make you feel proud to be in this

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Red Rag - Why the concerted hatchet job on Red Ed?

Red Rag - I always wondered why the right wing press have been so incessant in their attacks on R Ed Miliband. Surely if he is so useless at his job they would leave him where he is. If he was such a political asset for them, go easy on him until the General Election run up and then go in for the kill. In the last few days the attack on Ed have been upped, it all doesn't seem to ring true. You do not bite the political hand that feeds you.

However, it has been revealed this morning there is a totally different  reason why they are going for Ed.

According to internal Tory focus group when their people see him in the focus groups for a few minutes they are at best see him as amiable...however....and this is is the reason why the overkill is happening......when they see him for longer, for instance when they see one of his speeches in full or when he does a question and answer session, it goes from amiable to very positive.

The focus groups are also showing greater positivity towards Ed Miliband the longer the public is getting to know him and the nearer we get to the election.

This is scaring the shit out of their election strategists. One of their main aims between now and election time is to kill off any chance of the leadership debates. Be it the Farage excuse, the SNP excuse in fact they will between now and the General Election put up as many walls as possible to stop the leadership debate to happen.

Expect the Get Red Ed campaign to keep going between now and the next election.


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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Red Rag - So what would £10 million get you today

Red Rag - Just had a thought, if you had £10 million that you could magic out of thin air to spend on something what could you buy?

1 - You could pay over 450 newly qualified nurses for a year
2 - Build 3 new primary schools from scratch
3 - Buy 333 Baby incubators and all the equiptment to run one
4 - 460 newly qualified teachers could be paid for twelve months
5 - 430 new police constables could be paid for a whole year
6 - 655 regular army officers would be paid for a year
7 - 714 Ambulance drivers paid for a year
8 - Would pay for all costs of 2,057 children and their families for using Sure Start local programmes for four years
9 - Would pay to keep 46 libraries across the country open for a year
10 -Would emply 472 trainee firemen for a year
11- Would pay for 1813 apprentices for a year
12 - Pay the energy bills for 7380 pensioners for a year
13 - Would allow 1190 babies stay in a neonatal intensive care unit for a week

Ah well!

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Red Rag - So today is the day

Red Rag - I could write paragraph upon paragraph about her policies and the negative effects it had on the country. I could bore you senseless of the personal stories of what these policies did. We could be here forever debating what really is her lasting legacy. But in reality, I cannot be arsed. Why should I waste my time or effort.

I will watch tonight as one Murdoch employed puppet after another appears on the air waves to tell us how fantastic she was for the country. How she put the Great back into G.B. and how she saved the world.It will put me in the same frame of mind as how I have just learned that in the time of austerity the state will be spending close to £10 million on her ceremonial funeral which puts her on par with the Queen Mother and Lady Dianna.

I always thought how I would feel when I heard of her death and to be truthful, it is one of relief. For too long the country has been divided between pro and anti Thatcherites. Yes, the discussion will go on for the next few weeks and with the Tories milking it for all they can, I can see somebody trying to disrupt the funeral, which will again open the divisions. I can imagine even for some in the Tory Party, though they would never admit it, her passing in time will mean they will again be heard in parts of the country that they would never had a hope in hell whilst she was alive. But again, it is more of relief than pure elation. You should never speak ill of the dead, the saying goes, but it doesn't say you cannot be relieved they have gone.

The only sadness I have today is the fact she outlived both my parent who born the scars of her time in power.

I have stayed away from personal attack on a person on the day of their death, I am sure there are plenty of others to do that. Oh, and for  those that talk about evil lefties and faux signs of disgust. If Thatcher was so great why are there so many people not exactly sad to see her go. Even though I wasn't here when it happened there was none of this divided emotions for Winston Churchill's passing.

What I will say though, is it not just a bit strange that on the day a Conservative led government starts to financially penalise the disabled for being disabled, one seen by them as one of their "Greatest" takes her last breath.

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Red Rag - Happy Millionaires Day

Red Rag - Today, millionaires across the country will be raising their glasses to their other favourite millionaires, Dave and Gideon, for helping them to on average £100,000 a year tax cut. The extra money to the most vulnerable, sorry I mean the most affluent, starts flowing in to them from today.

All this at a time of cuts and austerity.

Happy Millionaires Day to all the winners.

And a "We are all in this together" to the rest of us.

Tally Ho!

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Red Rag - Osborne is a walking disaster - Guess which party Mick Philpott voted for?

Red Rag - Even when he does gutter politics, his results are similar to when he does economics....shite.

Guess which party Mick Philpott voted for....YES, HE VOTED CONSERVATIVE.

In the documentary he starred in with Anne Widdlecombe, on an out take that was never aired (wonder why?) he says to Widdlecombe "I don't know why you are giving me such a hard time, I vote for your party".

Using Gideons theory.......does that make all Tory voters child killers?

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Red Rag - Friday....another black day for Osbornomics

Red Rag - On Friday the 2012 Q4 figures will be released. Anyone seen Osborne lately. Even his muppet Danny Alexander has gone to ground. Maybe he is rehearsing his lines in front of his master.

Doesn't bode well for the figures though.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Red Rag - Bollocks to coalitions

Red Rag - It's been a whilst since I have last posted, but in classic Labour style, once the party gets a long term steady lead in the polls it decides to naval gaze and try and open up wounds between factions in the party.

On one side there is the "we should look at forming an an Alliance with the Lib Dems/Greens/SNP " section and on the other there is the "fuck em we are the Labour Party section".

For many years I have been on the former, however for me 2010 changed everything, absolutely everything.

I would consider my self more  centre-left rather than hard left. In the dark days of the early eighties I looked on in horror as the party declared to the electorate that it had the right moral policies, whilst the electorate told it to go and shove them.

Then as Blair was elected basked in two humiliations of the Tory Party and everything it believed in. As the 2010 approached there was something about Nick Clegg, the smarmy new politics bullshit that he kept spouting that kept me posting on this blog that a vote for the Lin Dems was a vote for a Tory government (if you want to check back there are ten, yes ten separate posts that state a vote for Clegg would lead to a Tory government). Though not even I would anticipate how things would turn out.

The Lib Dems have been nothing but human shields for the Tory Party. Like lemmings voting through Tory policy after Tory policy and being satisfied with scraps, and small scraps at that. You have the undignified position of every time we have shit economy figures, then George Osborne orders Danny Alexander to go out and defend him. Beaker looks like a total cunt and gets totally ragged from pillar to post by Paxman and co, and he is so fucking useless that he does it time and again. He will be a permanent fixture, being mauled every few months for the next couple of years.

Which brings me back to the so called "progressive alliance" or the "go it alone".
Me, I am firmly, 100%, never been more certain in the "go it alone".

I would never trust a Lib Dem again ......ever.

How can anyone in the Labour Party even contemplate even looking in their direction when they happily vote through policies that bring about a situation where people are dying whilst ATOS are telling them they are "fit for work". Whilst they vote to have Remploy factories shut down. Whilst they vote to have the NHS attacked. Whilst they vote to attack the public services. Whilst they vote to have tuition fees trebled.Whilst they vote to disintegrate the DLA to fuck all. These scumbags have blood on their hands.

I could never ever see me agreeing with any coalition, seeing what has happened with this political abortion.

I would never ever want to see the Labour Party form any sort of coalition with any Lib Dem Party any time soon.

Why form a coalition of the bastardised sister of the Tory Party when we dislike the politics of the real thing?

Fuck em, we are in the lead in the polls. Take the fight to both sides of this scumbag coalition, defeat them with every argument and run the government on our own.

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Red Rag - For those who say the cuts are not really happening and are overblown

Red Rag - Tell it to their families.

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Red Rag - Second day of hacking on left wing blogs - A simple message for the hacker

Red Rag - Second time in a few hours this blog and quite a few others have been hacked. If you have seen a  warning from Google saying this website is suspicious and it contains malware who ever is hacking it and the other bogs is deliberately adding malicious codes to different blogs which would cause Google to put up the block.

Someone, somewhere is worried.

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