Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Red Rag - Osborne outdoes Brown again.

Red Rag - If anything, Gideon Osborne is consistent.

Not only has he managed to beat Gordon Brown on the number of unemployed he can muster together, eh, and he is getting more of them every month. He has smashed the record for youth unemployment and he has the women's records in his sights. He has manage to break the record of the longest run of negative disposable income for the country. He has also showed Gordon a thing or two on how to stoke high inflation, easily surpassing any  feeble effort Gordon could muster. He has also managed to smash the records on the Trade Deficit, leaving for Gordon in his wake. He has also shown Gordon that only he could drive down business and consumer confidence to record negative levels. He has shown Gordon how to flat-line an improving economy.

But today he has outdone himself. Today he has managed to get a second credit rating agency to put the UK on a negative outlook, Fitch has joined Moodys in predicting there is a good possibility of a downgrading.

The towel folder is a one man economically illiterate wrecking machine.

Osbornomics .......fucking up the economy in every way imaginable.

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