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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Red Rag - Disabled people arrive back into the Tory coalition cross hairs again

Red Rag - Not satisfied in making the disabled jump through hoops, sometimes literally, to get any benefits. Tonight they have gone one step further. They have decided to shut down 36 of the 54 Remploy sites. These sites offer disabled people sustainable employment in a working environment where they wont be looked down on by the Neanderthal section of society. This will leave 1752 disabled people looking for jobs that are not there.

Not only is it disgusting that they even contemplate shutting these sites down, they have also targeted sites in the  areas with the highest unemployment. Bolton, Birkenhead, Newcastle, Swansea, Spennymoor, Gateshead, Leeds, Wigan, Bristol, Oldham, Wrexham, Springburn, Worksop, Bridgend, Ashington are amongst those that are being shut with compulsory redundancy. They couldn't have hand picked the highest areas of unemployment if they even tried.

Just to typify the complete and utter spinless shithouse way this coalition goes about it's business, they didn't even publically announce it. They informed MP's of the decision by a written statement as the Gobshite was avoiding questions at PMQ's so there wasn't even time to ask the Tory turd if he will sleep tonight knowing so many disabled people wont be, thanks to him. The Minister for the Disabled was dragged back to the Commons by a Point of Order from Labour to explain herself and to bewilderment of Labour and disabled people defended it by saying "This is the decision that commands the support of disabled peoples organisations and disabled people themselves". Yeah right, there are 1700 disabled people all over the country celebrating on the streets knowing they are about to be thrown on the dole.

As the Tory coalition might have well have said "Fuck em...they were never going to vote for us anyway".

They really are the lowest of the low.

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