Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Red Rag - Are Osbornes plans about to reach the tipping point?

Red Rag - Tomorrow expect stock market pandemonium, the treasury bullshit excuse office will be in overdrive and George Osborne will go to ground and let Danny Alexander face all the shit. Countries across Europe have had their credit ratings cut after the stock markets closed in the US on Friday so tomorrow will see their first reactions and in the UK the first economists to more or less kill any growth for the UK for the whole of this year has broken ranks.

Tomorrow Ernst and Young Item Club will blow apart Osbornes economic  plans by forecasting we are already in recession and will cut it's forecast for the entire year from 1.5% to 0.2%. You read that right....they forecast for the whole year the economy will grow 0.2%.

Expect all the other economists to follow suit in a rush to be the first to predict negative growth for the year.

Someone get Gideon out of Number 11 and get someone, anyone, with the slightest knowledge of economics in there before it is too late.

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