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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Red Rag - The "scum" is in the eye of the beholder

Red Rag - According to the coalition people who benefit cheat are the scum of the earth who rob everyone blind and are a complete disgrace, or that is what they really mean. Whilst when big business dodges tax,it is "all taxpayers are dealt with even handedly".

Thanks to their friends in the press the actual number of benefit cheats and how much they cost is inflated in peoples minds, though as the coalition unemployment figures start to rocket, calling people who don't have a job lazy useless shite will start to grate a large amount of the electorate seeing as many of them have started to become the Daily Heils hate figures.

Strange that up until today not a single paper has even mentioned the fact that big business is getting away with murder.

A couple of facts to throw in the mix.

According to the Department for Works and Pensions the amount of fraud that the department has had to deal with is estimated at £1.2 billion.

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs or the taxman as it is known has a Tax Gap "the gap is defined as the difference between tax collected and tax that should have been collected" in tax year 2010 of £35 billion. Strange again how the right wing press are mute on this subject.

So tell me again.......who are the cheating scum who are robbing everyone blind.

Is the reason that the government never ever mentions this missing £35 billion due to the fact that some of these robbing bastards are the very same people who are funding the Tory party?

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