Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Red Rag - Tories get the media lined up with spin and trash for next weeks walk out

Red Rag - Nice to see the Tory coalition have their friends in the media all ready for the strike next week. First David  Cameron wrote in The Scum yesterday and told people people that they should break the strike or take their kids to work.....this wouldn't be the same paper he wrote a front page letter about his "cast iron guarantee" would it.

Today the Tories have got The Scum stating in big headlines "Army brought in as teachers strike".....err, but they haven't and in the letter to the paper the headmistress never even mentions bringing in the army. In fact she even states in her letter "Every British worker has a right to withold their labour".The Scum, even has a picture of a serving sqauddie with a list of "Mission Objectives".

In fact the head mistress has asked a group of ex-forces to come in and volunteer by taking classes and telling the kids about their EX-jobs, the same she has done with the police officers and some actor and actresses.

Nice to see The Scum taking the Levison enquiry on board, ignoring it, and still printing lies and bullshit, this time for their Tory friends.

Ah well, nothing changes,

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