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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Red Rag - The unions are falling into the Tory trap hook line and sinker

Red Rag - The unions are blowing their biggest opportunity in decades. At a time when a government is formulating policy because of ideology and then changing it whichever way the public and news headlines goes, sometimes within hours rather than days, there was a chance to take them on a level playing field and win because they have won the argument.

Politics, to my dismay is now more PR than politics, and it is here where the unions are woeful. At what started out as an argument over public services, the mass ideological unjust cutting, the effects to the population as a whole not just those who work in it and the fact this is all happening whilst the economy, which when taken over by the coalition was recovering, is now faltering and falling, has been dragged into an argument over one subject....pensions.

The unions have been ambushed into a public fight over pensions for it's workers. The top and bottom of it, and it is cold but, it's life, unless you work in the public sector the vast majority of the public will not be interested in how much money they will lose out on of how long they have to work for it. Backed by the right wing press the public now believe public sector workers who get a gold plated pensions and a massive lump sum are about to strike to keep it at all costs, and the people who will be effected the most will be the ones who do not work in public services.

It could have all been so different....If they had not been dragged onto the issue of pensions but stuck with what the strike was originally for, to stop the decimation of public services, the public would be right behind them. All the public, not just those that work in it, need hospitals, need libraries,need teachers for their kids, need meals on wheels, need schools, need nurses, need home helps, need doctors etc etc etc. Also there are those private firms that need money pumped into public services such as construction which have been hammered since Gove stopped school building and will be hit even further.

Public Services are used by the Public, they should have fought it on trying to save the services for the Public, instead they have been dragged into a fight over pensions which is PR suicide.

Someone high up in these unions needs to change tact and change it very fast.....if not the outcome won't be pretty.

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