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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Red Rag - The Tory teacher, a Tory conference, the anonymous blog and a book deal

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Red Rag - Sometime you find a story so wild and outlandish if it appeared on the screen you would think it was a bit over the top. This one takes the buscuit.

It all started a few weeks ago when a certain Tory supporting teacher, Katherine Birbalsingh from St Michael and All Angels School Streatham, appeared at the Tory conference to slag off the previous Labour government and the entire schooling system for "blinded Leftist ideology which kept the poor being poor", Cue an immediate standing ovation from the idiots in front of her and a seat on the front row with Michael Gove and oictures galore. The next day she was the darling of the right wing media with her face and quotes appearing in The Scum, The Times, The Expres and a huge headline and article from The Mail. She was then suspended by here school for publically slagging them off. Cue outrage from the above said media outlets, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Michael Gove, there was even a Facebook campaign......and I am sure one of the first words uttered by one of the Chilean miners when they came out of their hole was "what has happened to the Martyr of Streatham".

However, like all great stories, di a little deeper, and they become even greater. The Martyr of Streatham was then reinstated by her school, however she has decided to resign because "she was being forced out", forced out by whom you may ask, more of that later.

The Martry of Streatham was also the anonymous blogger "To miss with love" which for the last three years has stated "I am a black teacher in inner city London and here are some of my stories....I love my job and I love my kids...But, I sometimes wonder why". So she loves her job, for the last three years she has done nothing more than slag anything and everything about it.Though not just the school she currently works for.She used to work for a catholic school and on one blog dated the 1st July under the headline "Catholic Corruption" she slagged off her ex-school, the teachers, the pupils, th catholic church, however no matter how much she slagged this school off "Well at least the children were not climbing the walls as they do in my school".For the rest of the time she slagged off the pupils, the teachers, the school management, the way the school was financed, the way it was run, in fact she has a funny way of loving here job when most nights she would return home from it to slag everything and anything to do with it.

However this is not were the story ends. What the Tories, Gove and the right wing loons didn't realise was that the Matry of Streatham had struck a deal with Penguin for a book on her life and her blog. Now look at in the cold light of day. She couldn't have got better advertising than a speech at Tory conference, a protracted sacking and resignation farce, days and days in the papers, a Facebook campaign and now, today, Tory MP's twittering that she should set up her own Gove induced "Free School".

You have to give her some respect for playing the Tory Conference, the Tory Party, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Michael Gove, numerous right wing media outlets, dozens of right wing bloggers,  for all doing her own advertising for her....for free.

It is just a shame that she had to use the schools, pupils, teachers, in fact virtually everyone she has ever come in contact with whilst she was supposed to be teaching to make her money,by slagging them all off.

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