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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Red Rag - Total hypocrisy of the right wing blogosphere

                            Only funny when it looks left??

Red Rag - William Hagues special adviser Christopher Myers has resigned and Hague has released a statement complaining about rumours (on the blogosphere) of a relationship between them, which he says are completely false. Let met get one thing straight. I have absolutely no sympathy for either of them. When the sewer rat who has been push blogging these rumours was doing exactly the same thing about Labour MP's I did not hear any Tory MP's state their disgust. This blogger who is a repetitive convicted drink driver, has no morals and is the lowest of the low. I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.As I have said on my other page how anyone who has any leaning towards the Labour Party can even put a link to his soiled website is beyond me. He deals in dirt, and being a sewer rat, he feels at home there.

Iain Dale, who admits he is his friend, has blogged a mealy mouthed attack at him, of how it is a black day for blogging and I am sure there will be other right wing blogger will follow suit in their distaste for an attack on one of their own. It is reeks of gross hypocrisy. They all like to link to his website. They all loved to take extracts from his blog . They all like to goad each other on the next bit of dirt that he found. All this of course was when he was attacking Labour politicians. It was all very funny and worthy when that was happening.There were no problems when he was doing the Tories dirty work for them.

Now the sewer rat has turned his attention to one of his own apparently "I hope ****** can look at himself in the mirror tonight. Because I sure as hell couldn't".

Message to the right wing bloggers....If you hang around with sewer dwellers, don't complain of the stench.

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