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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Red Rag - The attacks from the right show how rattled they really are

                      It wont be long before the two are reunited

Red Rag - So he has been leader for just over 24 hours and the right wing press are going for him with both barrels. The question that needs to be asked that if as they say he is too left wing which will turn the voters off, why are they exerting so much effort to attack him. If he really was such a vote loser then surely it would be better to just let him get on with turning the voters off.

The reason for the all out attack is that they are scared of him. You only have to look at him being interviewed to see he is a conviction politician. When he speaks there is a passion, there is a meaning to what he says and he is saying it about the right issues, some of which like immigration, many in the party have been scared to talk about. He has shown conviction and determination by taking on his own brother, who at the time was the out and out favourite, to become the Labour leader. He could have taken the easy option and backed his brother. He would then know full well that if his brother won he would have a seat in a senior position in the cabinet. He did it as he said repeatedly so that the party had as many different views to choose from when chosing it's leader. He took the most difficult option for the benefit of the party.

He has youth on his side, something that Gordon Brown had against him. No more can The Sham claim to be the fresh face on the block. The new moderniser in politics is coming from the progressive left ,and unlike The Sham, he has the entire party behind him. He can point to the fact he ran his entire campaign as being the leader for change. Moving on from New Labour to the "next generation" as he put it. He doesn't have the albatross of Iraq around his neck, or some of th infighting that blighted th party over the last few years. He wasn't a part of the disruptive section of the party who didn't know whether it was the Tories or Brown they should go for. He really is the fresh start the party needed.

Compare all this to the two people he will be constantly in battle with. Cameron is political rice paper, he is the PM but didn't win the election clear enough for a mandate. Cameron is despised by some in his party and his inner circle grates many Tories. Compare that with the speech from Ed Miliband who immediately said in his victory speech that those that had run against him will have a future in the party lead by him. Cameron has always an always will sound like he is selling you his policies. Sometimes he doesn't even sound as though he believes what he is saying. It always sounds as if it is a sales pitch not a policy statement. You also know that if the Tories are falling in the polls he will pull out of the hat a photo opportunity or interview with his family.Don't believe me, check the figures. Everytime the Tories had a sustained fall in the polls, there was an exclusive in the papers with pictures of him an the kids or a an exclusive interview in one of the papers with his wife. Something which I covered early last year. He was even squeezing as much political gain out of graves of the fallen soldiers last year, just after visiting the cenotaph, where his personal photographer stage managed him looking sorrowful over the graves, in fact he had his moving between graves trying to find the best picture to give to the hacks.His only regret over the shameful episode was the fact the Mirror exposed him. Everything has it's political price for him. His actions reflect his words. Who will ever forget a couple of years ago when he spent four days"holidaying" in Cornwall with the media en tow taking pictures of him poncing about on the beach, to show how normal he was. Then a week later banned all the media from his real holiday in the Mediterranean where The Sham and his friends hired yachts to travel around that cost £21k a week for each yacht.Look at his denials of raising VAT before the election to what has happened now. like many bad salesman his word is not worth a pinch of salt. You can take the man out of PR but you cannot take the PR out of the man.

Then you can compare Ed to Nick Clegg. One used to sound like a conviction politician, however this was all proved to be a complete lie, when he admitted after the election that he did not believe what he was saying to the public about cuts before the election. Can you imagine Ed Miliband organising a poster campaign about how the effects of raising VAT would effect working families, then flip flopping on it eight weeks later? Can you imagine Ed Miliband campaigning for months on end about how cutting too early too fast and accusing the Tory Party's economic policy as being a "fake" or a "con"....and then completely flip flop on it only weeks later and say it is the only way forward? Can you imagine Ed Miliband saying that the weekly pension was "£30 a week"? In all counts listening to what he says, how he says it an the passion he puts into it, you would say no on all counts.

The difference between Cameron/Clegg and Ed Miliband is on many levels. Both Cameron and Clegg have problems with their party, Miliband has the entire backing of his. Both Cameron and Clegg are losing local election seats and both face a beating in May, Labour are picking them up everytime a set of local bye-elections come along. Labour have increased their percentage in the opinion polls since the General Election, the Orange Tories have halved. The other two are politically treading water at best, Ed is powering on having just won a leadership election most people didn't think he would win.

These are the reasons why Camerons prostitutes in the press are attacking Ed Milliband with all their might, because they know one of the leaders of the main parties has the "Big Mo", and it isn't their favoured one. So everytime you see an attack in the media from people like Fraser Nelson,Iain Dale or Trevor Kavanagh, just remind yourself, if he wasn't scaring the shit out of them, they would be even bothering with attacking him.

Long may the attacking continue, it is showing how much he is hurting them, the longer the attacking, the more united our party will be. It is down to the rest of us in the party and those in the media who back the party to carry the fight to Camerons prostitutes and the rest of the right wing media. Ed's job is not to fend off the attacks, but to guide the party to the next general election by formulating winning policies and knocking the political shit out of Cameron and Clegg.We know full well we have the only leader that can win it.The campaign for the general election starts now.

Bring it on!

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