Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Monday, 16 August 2010

Red Rag - Clegg makes a complete plums of his first Question & Answer PR stunt whilst in charge

                    Successful first day for the coalitions lap dog

Red Rag - Nineteen minutes in to his very first Question and Answer PR stunt whilst replacing The Sham and the lap dog made a complete balls of it.

The fourth question to him and yet again he shows he has a bigger problem with numbers that George Osborne:

Question:"How much will the referendum on changing the voting system cost?"

Dopey Arses answer: "The vote will cost between £80 million and a £100 million but there are also reforms to reduce the number of MP's which will save us money."

He sells his parties manifesto to the Tories and abandons it in more or less it's entirety to get the referendum on AV and the stupid idiot then gives out the incorrect cost of the bloody thing.

One of his coalition buddies announced to the House of Commons in July that it would cost £9.3 million, which according Clegg himself, because it will be on the same day as the English Local Elections, would save £17 million. Today the buffoon adds another £90 million on to it.....and this is the coalition of cuts and austerity.

We've got two more weeks of this shit....god help us!

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