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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Red Rag - Osborne mauled by a ghost of recessions past


                 " One add one, let me think "

Red Rag - It didn't take long for the Achilles heel of the Tory Party to make his usual cock up. But a month for Osborne is quite a feat. He apparently is trying to convince that the world now backs him and that Labour and Darling are out of step. He seems to have got a bit excited after attending his first G20 meeting in South Korea. The rest of the Economic ministers must have been in total awe as Osborne must have flexed his economic credentials. They must have been so impressed with his stories of his one and only other previous job before being employed by the Conservative Party. Let no one say data inputting dead people into a NHS computer doesn't open doors for you, these credentials have left him with the whole world leaving the international recovery in his hands....well they have in Osbornes small mind.

Back to that thing that Osborne struggles on...Economics. One of his hair brained schemes is letting the public let him know which services needs cutting. Three things about this stupidest of policies from one of the most stupid people in Parliament.One, is that not his job and if he didn't have a clue what to cut, why not tell us before the election. Two how many of the general public will be able to take into account the costs of cutting the services, how would it effect the economy, how/ what. who will replace the service being cut.Three, he will now have thousands of people e-mailing/writing to him to let him know what services they want cutting. How many will be followed through? Which will then leave you with thousands of unhappy voters who think that you have totally ignored them.

Why not go one further Mr Osborne, put all the ideas in a big tombolla and pick the winners out live on TV. Maybe the person who wins can personally hand out the P45's to the people who will be sacked by the cutting of the services that they chose. Maybe we could have Service Cutting Parties, where all the people who all voted for the same service to be cut, can then celebrate when they find out that it is their chosen service to face the axe.The thing is I'm taking the piss, but quite evidently, Osborne isn't and has actually thought this nobhead idea through.

What a way to split the country, convincing one side that they get the chance in who gets sacked , whilst the other prays that the other side don't think of them. If you haven't go the backbone to actually sack people find someone that has. They will then fight their corner, either right or knowing the Tories wrong, on why they have to sack them and not hide behind the Public Service Cutting X-Factor competition.

It is all just one rather stupid PR stunt. Or as Lord Lawson, another Tory who likes sacking people and sending us in to recession said "The public consultation, is essentially a PR is the governments job to decide what must be done.".

Osborne, is it me, or is he just a complete tit.

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