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Monday, 7 June 2010

Red Rag - Cameron talks of cuts - his party pays spin doctors a bigger wage than his

                                  Only Tory Councils allowed

Red Rag - On the day that Cameron was explaining to the Open Universtity how bad the countries finances are, how we are going to get severe cuts, how it is going to be painful......and most of all ....we are all in this together.

Well all of us except Suffolk's Conservative run council. They have decided to pay a spin doctor for the council a salary of between £400 and £700 a day.The new head of communication starts their new job next Monday, and they will be happy to know that they will be on a better pay scale than the Prime Minister.This new post has been sanctioned by the Tory run County council, despite the fact that they are supposed to be aiming at cuts of £153 million over the next ten years.

Remember all the crap before the election of Labour Councils wasting money and how civil servants will be brought to task over pay. The rubbish of how all councils will listen to the coalition when they talk cuts. How their new politics will be value for money.

Not to be out done by Suffolk, Tory Barnet Council has just announced there will be three new director posts worth £300,000 to help with their finance department.

Maybe the cuts and the pain is only set aside for non-Tory councils. The Tory councils can happily spend up to £3500 a week on a spin doctor, and not a word of complaint from Cameron .....anyone heard any Tory even complain about this.....has Eric Pickles, the man in the Tory Party who said he would end local government over expenditure, lost his voice. Where is the right wing outrage???

All in this arse!

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