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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Red Rag - Perfect example of how the Tory Press works

Red Rag - A perfect example of how the Tory press can be sen on Politicshome, this is ths website that is owned by Lord Ashcroft.

When the report from Eu came through the headline on the site was EU upgrades Economy. I hadn't seen it on any of the mainstream media but noticed appear on PolticsHome. I did a scarcastic post about them not knowing there was a black out on this info and Sky is refusing to report it. I joked that they had better pull the article or Coulsons boys would round...little did I know.

Four hours later, with out looking at the headlines I noticed quite a few responses to me asking "why would the Tory press not report it" and that "I am an idiot"". Then I look to the headline which had been changed from Eu upgrades economy to Eu warns on UK debt. As I have posted there now, the info they have there this morning is exactly the same as the info they know now, so why did they change the headline completely to and make the article totally negative against the governement....I will leave you to make your mind up.

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