Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Red Rag - The homophobic party back in the news

Red Rag - Looks like the party of homphobia has reached a new low. Fresh from Grayling and all it has now emerged that the Tories are fielding a candidate,Phillipa Stroud, in Sutton and Cheam who founded churches in Bradford and Birmingham to "cure" homosexuals by driving "demons out" by prayer.

To make matters worse, she is the head of the Tory parties Centre for Social Justice who boasts about formulating 70 Tory policies.

As an hetrosexual I look on in total bemusement and personal disgust at what seems daily the oozing out of homophobic candidates and cabinet ministers in the Tory party. God knows what the gay community thinks of Camerons attempt, which lets get it right, nearly worked, of saying his party has changed.

There is still a few days to go, how many more knuckledraggers are left to be exposed?

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