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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Red Rag - All round homophobic nut job Phillipa Stroud is given Special Advisers job by Tories

Red Rag - Just when you thought you had heard the end of the fruit cake Phillipa Stroud, her of the prayers for curing homosexuality, she has just been appointed a Special Adviser to Ian Duncain Smith who is the Works and Pensions Secretary.

You may remember before the election she was in the news because she was a founder of a church who thought they could "cure" homosexuality by praying for the "inflicted". She actually stood for the Tories in the top Tory target of Sutton and Cheam but fell well short mainly due to her being outed as a fucking homophobic loony toon.

Now in the age of Twat and Twatters "New Politics" another relic of the so called old politics appears in the fact they have appointed another out and out homophobe in the corridors of power. If you add to this the fact that she is executive director for the Tory Centre for Social Justice, she is right in the heart of Project Condem.

All we need now is for Twat and Twatter to announce Nick Griffen has defected to them.

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