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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Red Rag - The Tory Pro-Marriage Tax Policy - a punnet of grapes

                          A years worth of Tory marriage tax policy

Red Rag - According to Tory Shadow Secretary for State David Willets, the Tory tax break for married couples is "Progressive". So what you may be asking is the big progressive policy idea, they have thought of.....offering married couples £2.85 a week for getting married and staying together. A whole £2.85. I can quite imagine people who are in the throws of separating or getting divorced will be in contact with the lawyers telling them to put everything on hold as there is a huge cash incentive on the way if the Tories win. All these" lawyers for you" will be praying that the Tories don't get in because the amount of work they will be getting in the future will fall through the floor as people take advantage of the super cash windfall that will be heading their way if Cameron gets in.

The economy will surge ahead as all these married couples go out and spend all that well earned wonga. The housing market will boom, the share market will go through the roof and all thanks to the Tories progressive tax break for couples of.....£2.85.

Are they taking the piss? Progressive my arse. How can giving people £2.85 a week be classed as progressive? Who the hell would stay together for £2.85. Is this their so called "flurry of policies" they have promised? Is this what they call a pro-family policy....£2.85.

Just what can you get for £2.85?

Can just see the posters now:


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