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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Red Rag - Tories go gay bashing again - has anything really changed

                        Camerons replacement for Chris Grayling

Red Rag - "if you look at the case of should the Christian hotel owner have the right to exclude a gay couple from their hotel, I take the view that if someone is doing a B&B in their own home, that individual has the right to who comes and who doesn't".

In that one line, it blows home the whole argument that Cameron has changed the Tories. Underneath the shine and PR bollocks they are still the same homophobic party of the right. This was not just any old councillor like the homophobic knuckle dragger from the Wirral the other day. This was the Shadow Home Secretary. His whole argument is completely bollocks. The B&B owners are offering out a service of a bed and breakfast, barring the fact that it is full or they are killer, everyone should be allowed to enter it. Where do you draw the line, no coloured, because they do not like people who are not white, no handicapped people because they can't be arsed in putting in wheelchair accessible rooms. If he agrees with this shite we will end up with signs going up outside them saying white only customers, or in the other direction Muslim only hotels. They have suspended the knuckle dragger in the Wirral because he is expendable, we will see what happens to Grayling after yet another fuck up and if old yellow spin himself Cam the Sham has any bollocks to actually stand up to him. Forget that what he said is illeagal and goes against the Equality Act,as Ben Summerskill , Chief Executive of Stonewall, said "I don't think anyone wants to go back to where there is a sign outside saying "No Gays, No Blacks and No Irish".Oh, and before anyone asks, is there anything wrong with what he has said, why has he not made his view on this public, and why has it taken a secret recording of a right wing think tank meeting for his view to get out. Same old Tories, same old homophobic shite.

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