Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Red Rag - One vital statistic missing from the News of the World/Mori poll that was amazingly ignored

Red Rag - The News of the World has had an opinion poll done by Mori the last few days. The headline figure was Tory 36%, Lab 30% and Lib Dem 23%. As you will know the NOTW comes from the same stable as the papers that were smearing Clegg and they have jumped on this poll to say his bubble has burst. They then do an article which more or less picks out any positives that they can from the poll for Team Cameron. However deep within the poll are the percentages for the actual NOTW readers which had taken part in the poll. These read Lab 40% and the Tories 36%. Strange how a poll that was done for the NOTW and has a rather large article about it in the NOTW doesn't like to tell it's readers who their preferences were in the poll.....strange that, they must have just missed those figures out when they were writing the rather large article....yeah right.

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