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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Red Rag - Cleggs smears become farcical

Red Rag - Just read with utter bemusement some  hack for the Time magazine has twittered , under the headline "Criminal Clegg conspiracy to conceal teenage emigre in toilet shocker"  has found some right wing website in America that has said Clegg(well an aide of his actually but Clegg knew about it) helped some girl who was on a Liberal Democrat trip to Brussels avoid authorities by telling her to hide in the toilet on the bus whilst they travelled through France and Belgium. The girl had forgot her passport . They even went to the lengths of tracking her down for some quotes. The website spoke to French authorities who said "It's illegal", and then the website related the whole incident to what they called  Cleggs amnesty for immigrants. Apparently "this strikes at the heart of the security and immigrations debates that are on going in the run up to the British election....At very least, Mr Clegg acquiesced in an action that was a breach of procedures he, as a Member of the European Parliament, was being paid to uphold and had sworn to defend"

This is truly getting fucking ridiculous now.

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