Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Monday, 26 April 2010

Red Rag - Cameron publically targets more Labour seats - another gaffe?

Red Rag - Hot on Cleggs bungled attempt to give himself some elbow room for conditions in a co-coalition which has been read by most of snubbing Labour and wanting to do a deal with the Tories(see the Guardian), Cameron re-enforces this by saying that because the Lib Dems are picking up Labour votes, the Tories are going to target more Labour areas. If this wasn't an own goal in the making. Both declarations by the two party leaders is magnifying the claim Vote Clegg get Cameron. If ever a Labour voter who is toying with voting for Clegg needed an eye opener read Camerons words "because of the rise in Lib Dem votes switching from Labour in Labour seats we are targeting more Labour seats", if that doesn't mean Vote Clegg get Cameron....what does?

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