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Monday, 1 March 2010

Red Rag - There is no dodging it now, Ashcroft confirms he is a tax dodger

Red Rag - One of the best parts of Camerons Car Crash Campaign has just come to fruition. Lord Ashcroft has been forced to admit what most people knew, he is a tax dodger. All those mealy mouthed answers from Cam the Sham and co, over whether he paid British taxes or not have been shown to be political manoeuvring.

Only days ago Cameron and Osborne were doing as there master told them by refusing to answer the question of if he is paying British taxes. He has only outed himself because Labour MP Gordon Prentice had requested a Freedom of Information to expose his tax dodging, so he wasn't coming clean, he was getting his side of the story out before the truth came out.

For those who do not know the workings of Lord Ashcroft and how he now runs and funds the Tories and other political companies, I will give you a list:

The Tory Party:

He is the single biggest donor to the Tories in the last five years

He has 18 people employed working at Tory HQ, at one time he had more people working for him in his office than Cameron did in his

He gives briefings and meetings to Cameron and his high command about the marginals

He had up until February 2009 give the party £4.8 million in cash and non-cash donations

He had up until Feb 2009 loaned the Tory Party £3.6 million

He has accompanied the Shadow Foreign Secretary on fact finding missions all over the world

He sits in Tory Party policy meetings

He is now the deputy chairman of the Tory Party

His private jet company Flying Lion Ltd has paid for over £600,000 worth of flights for the shadow cabinet

He runs their Office concentrating on the marginals, and any money that is giving to any of the PPC there has to go through him first

The political press:

He co owns the so called independent website PolitcsHome

He co owns the Tory grassroots site ConservativeHome

He co owns with Tory puppet Iain Dale the magazine and website Total Politics

Ashcrofts political tentacles now cover the Tory Party and it's media outlets like never before. Ashcroft once said he would " never be a passive investor in politics". Now that he now runs the Tory Party election campaign and much, much, more we know he meant it.

For those Tories who's limp response to all this is "Well Lord Paul " is a non-dom. Has Lord Paul ever been to a policy meeting, has Lord Paul ever employed anyone at Labour HQ, has Lord Paul ever run his own campaign office and more importantly has Lord Paul over the last ten years used every trick in the book including gagging the party leader, to prevent anyone knowing he is a non-dom.

Ashcroft now runs and funds your party and no amount of spin and bullshit will change that.

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