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Friday, 26 February 2010

Red Rag - Their lead is disintegrating so Tories go for Plan B - for Bull, and flip flop their entire economic policy

Red Rag - It looks like the Tories have given up on Plan A, which was try to scare the voters half to death about the deficit. Their idea was if you could scare them shitless, you could cut them to death. They were saying at first that you must cut big, deep and fast, which did scare the voters....into backing away from them. Then they said that they were going to cut deep, but not as deep as before, but deeper than Labour. This again lost them a few percent as people seemed to lose track of where they were going and some were pointing out that you might as well vote Labour again ...their lead dropped again.

They then had the famous summit at Tory HQ the other day, to find out why the lead was slipping away. The big hitters were there,there was  Cameron, Hague, Osborne( he must have been there to make the tea and coffees).....err did I mention Cameron. Anyway it looks like they have resorted to Plan B...for bullshit. In doing so we now have the mother of all political economic flip lops.

Remember for months how they said Labour could not keep up with public expenditure, as we don't have the money to do it. Yes their argument was there is no money so we will have to cut back and cut back big. No money..No money...... No money was all we have heard for bloody months. Now there is money, because the Tories are now going for a gigantic Tax and spend give away.They will CUT corporate TAX, ABOLISH TAX on the first 10 people employed in a new business,FREEZE council TAX,RAISE the basic state PENSION,LESS TAX for married couples,INCREASE SPENDING on the NHS, EXTRA health visitors, MORE BENEFITS for couples, the give away is spectacular. Now I know the GDP for the last quarter has risen from 0.1% to 0.3% but my god where have they found all this money? In fact there is no explanation of where all this new found money has come from. It seems, like this new election plan, the money has come out of thin air. Austerity is not just been dumped it has been bound, gagged and shot and buried 10 foot under.

So that will leave the electorate even more non-plussed for what the Tories actually stand for than they did a few days ago, when only 28% actually new what their policy was. Are they the party of austerity or are the the party of massive tax give aways, are they the party for cutting the deficit or are they the party of cutting the tax intake. Does anybody now know what their economic policy the Tories even now know what their economic policy is. Or have they just thrown caution to the wind and said "we will do everything for everyone and we will think about the consequences if we get elected."

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