Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Red Rag - So who's audience is it anyway ????

Red Rag - Look At the picture above, god do the audience look inspired.That's a big no then. This is a picture taken at Camerons speech yesterday, the one were he slagged off Brown for being the roadblock for change. The speech was made at the University of East London. There is one big problem no one knows who the audience  are. UEL sources have said that they are not their students. If they were there would be more asian student amongst the audience.The student union there said today on the radio that they were not their students. So who the bloody hell are they. The only obvious answer is that the Tories must have shipped them in, which then goes to prove what a bad speech it must have been. If you are being paid money to sit there and listen to a speech, it would have to be bloody awful not to have put a smile on your face. Even the Tories dummies aren't enthusiastic about Cameron

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