Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Red Rag - The Scum backs Osborne the would be Chuckle Brother Chancellor - Perfect bedfellows

Red Rag - "Bosses like what they see in Shadow Chancellor George Osborne....Mr Osborne will BOOST growth, exports and savings, and CUT unemployment and red tape.....And Mr Osborne is on the right track."

So says The Scum in it's editorial today. So let us look at this so called Super George who the country is turning to.

A few months back we were heading into an ""age of austerity" now he says public spending will not be "particularly extensive", and definitely not "swingeing".

For months him and Cam the Sham have been telling Labour that small cuts now and larger cuts later are more politically motivated and not economically motivated.....guess who now follows this line.

Then he says Lord Stern will be advising on the backbone of his New Economic Model, the Tory Green Bank. Lord Stern said within minutes of him saying it that he will not be advising him. In fact the denial was so quick Osborne was still half way through his speech when Lord Stern embarrassed him.

The other day Osborne was trying to tell people that even if he did make very large cuts there would be no extra unemployment, and it actually sounded like he believed it....honestly.

From being the would be iron chancellor to the would be Chuckle Brother Chancellor. What is your policy George "Swingeing...non swingeing...austerity..non austerity....being advised...not being me to you to me to you"

As already pointed out, since The Scum backed the Tories the Tory lead has more than halved and The Scum has lost 600,000 readers. If there was a perfect partnership, it is these two.

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