Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Red Rag - More light shining on Camerons Parliamentary clean up hypocrisy

Red Rag - Cameron made a big speech yesterday about how Brown was the road block to Parliamentary change. How the Tories are the only ones that will be good enough to clean up Parliament. How he made a tough stance against the expenses scandal. Like most of his speeches recently it is only taking a few hours for it to all unravel.

It has come to light that some his own MP's have been totally ignoring the demands of Camerons so called "Scrutiny Panel". That was the big PR exercise Cam the Sham wheeled out at the start of the expenses issue, to have an in-house panel to look at the Troughing Tories,but it seems to have died on it's arse. It was announced that it told John Whittingdale Tory MP to pay back £928, he ignored Cameron and paid back the smaller amount Legg asked him for of  £301.It has been found out that Gerald Howarth has only paid back £1178 out of the £2000 that was demanded by Camerons appointed committee.Anne Milton, Shadow in Health, was ordered by Camerons committee to pay back £250 household expenses....not a sniff has been handed over.Bill Cash has still to pay back the £15,000 he has been asked to pay back for rent and mortgage expenses.David Willetts is still yet to pay the £135 expenses he put in for someone changing his lightbulb.

Cameron declared "we have gone beyond the letter of the rules" and he said that his "Scrutiny Panel" had found £125,000 worth of claims that his MP's were going to pay back straight away. There is one thing having an over the top PR exercise and telling the public how much your own MP's are going to pay back, it is a bit different actually getting them to take any notice of you Mr Cameron.

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