Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Monday, 15 February 2010

Red Rag - Lies, damn lies and Tory statistics #2

Red Rag - What is it with the Tories and statistics? Hit them with any set of statistics, they either ignore them or they lie about them. This second wave of lies in the matter of days is even more extraordinary than the lying about the crime statistics.

They released a statement saying"In most deprived areas 54% are likely to fall pregnant before the age of 18, compared to just 19% in the least deprived areas".

Yes that's right, they think that over one in two teenagers are falling pregnant before they are 18 amongst the poorer sections of society and just short of one in five amongst the richest. Are these people actually attached to reality? Do they really think that it is one in two? The so called self proclaimed party of the family seems to know nothing about families.

It was either yet another monumental gaffe from the now constantly stuttering election campaign, or the idiots actually believe it. If it is the first, the people who are running the campaign must be 5th columnists, no one set of people are stupid enough to keep making so many mistakes. If it is the second one.....god help us.

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