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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The real face of Camerons New Conservatives - Alan Dobbie

The Peoples Millionaire can spin all the shit he wants about the New Conservatives, they are still the same party with a different varnish, you cannot polish a turd, as my old feller used to say.

The real face of Camerons Tories is for me none other than Alan Dobbie, the newly ship jumping Tory councillor for Haringey ward Noel Park.Taking the lead from his new leader who sides with extremely homophobic parties in Europe who banned Gay marches, but goes on Gay marches in the UK, Mr Dobbie gets elected as a Labour councillor then jumps ship to the Tories.

In his ward of Noel Park 65% of children are living with families living on means tested benefits.It is a cultural diverse neighbourhood with over 86% of children at Noel Park junior school being of ethnic background.The average household annual median income is £27832, which is one of the lowest in Haringey.Unemployment in his area is rife and is way above the average for London and the country as a whole. You would think then for the first few weeks he would be out every day explaining to his electorate the reasons why he told them to vote Labour but then joined the Tories, and why they have their fist Tory councillor imposed on them for the first time in many many years.

Apparently he has been doing surgery and speaking to residents but just managed to fit in the following ...."on Sunday joining the Fortis Green Conservatives for their garden party. How refined an event and then last night to City Hall for a London Conservative reception with London Mayor, Boris Johnson, and being publicly welcomed by Boris to the Conservatives and meeting some of the movers and shakers of Tory politics in London."

I wonder how many of his constituents were invited to the refined event that was the Fortis Green Conservative garden party.

If ever anyone has ever took the piss out of their constituents more, rubbed their noses in it and then advertised the fact in the blog, I would love to know.

He says he doesn't know if his constituents will vote him in as a Tory, however, if I was you Alan I would get in as many Tory garden Parties, and get invited to as many Tory champagne breakfasts and Tory Sunday dinners as possible as you will not be representing your area in 11 months time, because the party you have joined and the lifestyle of garden parties and functions you mentioned above could not be further from the lifestyles of your constituents.....Remember them Alan, the ones you asked to vote Labour.

With that much deceit and arrogance,to me, he is the new face of Camerons Tories.

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