Lies Damn lies and David Cameron

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Have the Tory millionaires broke through the £1 Million troughing barrier?

At first the Tories thought if they gave a bit of money back each it would all go away. Then again, look at the totals of money being fiddled, even though it looks like a lot of money to the man in the street, is just pocket money for the mega rich of the Tory party. Give some of it back they thought and the serfs will appreciate it. It came to £125,000 of returned taxpayers funds.Then The Peoples Millionaire set up his own scrutiny committee consisting of the Chief Whip, Deputy chief whip and err...someone he picked. Now that's what you call independent, a committee looking at MP's excessiveness and two of the three are MP's?

Anyway the sham known as Camerons Committee has now found another £125,000 that their own MP's have robbed off the taxpayer. This takes the Tory robbing to a quater of a million pound.Considering this figure has arrived before the House of Commons official scrutiny comittee actually gets to look at Camerons band of robbers, the question that must be asked is will the Tories break through the Million pound troughing barrier.

The Peoples Millionaire said that he is not trying to atone for the past but telling the electorate that they "Get It" about the excessive expenses. Sorry David, but it shows that you, have you found another £1000 that you forgot you robbed off us, and the rest of the robbing rich in your party have been getting "It" for too many years. On the bright side you and the rest of your cronies can make up the shortfall of giving back the money with the second,third and fourth jobs you have on top of your MP's wages.

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